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Entry Forms

Race 1 = Thrussington Fun Run 9th March 2019 – entries are now closed

*No child above the preschool age group can win a trophy if they are physically assisted by a parent/carer, this includes holding hands and or carrying the child over streams or obstacles. Fair play, good sportsmanship and an all inclusive positive attitude are what the Thrussington fun run prides itself on and this rule has been introduced to ensure that these values are respected. We thank you for your support.


Race 2 = Frisby Fun Run 30th March 2019 – download entry form from their website:

Race 3Queniborough Fun Run 6th April 2019 – download entry form from their website:


Please note that for a C5 envelope you must use a first class stamp. The form will not be delivered if a 2nd class stamp is used. Anything bigger than C5 must be a ‘large’ stamp, 1st or 2nd class.


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